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Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam 2020, November 28 and 29

On November 28 and 29 2020 we will organize the fourth yearly Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam at the Dokhuis. Come and join us for all the anarchist literature and parafernalia the movement has to offer. There will be distro’s and bookshops from all over the Netherlands and way beyond it. We will also have stands from local action groups and collectives. Next to the stands we will have an extensive program of workshops and talks. Of course there will be vegan food for lunch and dinner.


Last year we saw the amount of visitors double. This is absolutely awesome to see! Every year our event grows bigger, but we also see this growth more genrally in the anarchist movement. Events draw more visitors, actions get bigger and are joined by new people and our strength is growing. We want to grow the Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam, both in quantity and quality. We also want this growth to support and strengthen the movement as a whole of course. This is why we have added some new elements to the book fair this year.

This year we will have 2 full days chuck-full of anarchist politcs. On Saturday we will have the anarchist book fair as we have had it for 3 years now with dozens of stands with revolutionary books, zines and more. On the Saturday we will also have a program of workshops and talks. On the Sunday we will have a more in-depth program. We want to offer people space to exchange skills & experiences, start new projects, join collectives and expand & connect their networks. This second day will include follow-up workshops which will continue on topics already covered on Saturday and offer chances to join active groups who are tackling the specific topic. It will also feature caucassus for people who are active in similar fields to join together exchange experiences, learn from each other and build new projects to strengthen our already existing ones. With the addition of the second day we want to offer more space to actively work on building and strengthening the anarchist movement. 

Are you interested in Anarchism? Come to the book fair on Saturday! Did you like what you saw at the book fair and want to change the world? Also join us for the second day of workshops and skillshares on Sunday!


Another point we want to expand on this year is our international collaboration. We want to invite more international groups to have a stand at the book fair. We also want to use the book fair to strength ties between different anarchist groups and tendencies across borders. One way we want to materialize this is by inviting people from different anarchist movements and collectives from across the world to give a workshop or talk. We also want to facilitate discussions between different groups at the book fair in the hopes of creating new perspectives and sharing in each others struggles. We want to achieve all these things this year, but sadly we are heavily dependent on the way the covid-19 pandemic develops. Not only do we have to keep safety into account with international collaboration, we also have to face the increasing repression that states across the world have already unleashed on all of us. Pretending it is to fight covid-19 and to ‘help us’ states have closed borders, increased their repression through laws and keep militarizing the police. We will try our best and grow the international collaboration of the movement through the Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam. We will keep updating about the process, our failures and successes.


Currently we are in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. This means that physical events have been cancelled and some future events might still be cancelled. The Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam is set to take place in November 2020. At this moment we cannot with 100% certainty say that the event will happen. However we are still organizing the preparation for this event hoping it can happen in a safe and responsible way by the time November 2020 comes round. We don’t want to blindly follow what the government recommends nor can we allow our political activities to be shut down permanently while capitalism is still crushing us everyday to churn out plastic soup. We will be trying to manouver this maze by ourselves, with the aid of our comrades and in due time reach a decision that has our fellow anarchists best interests in mind. We are very keen on listening to the opinion of others to try and truly make a community based decision. Do you have something to add to the discussion? Don’t hesitate to inform us about it via our mail. It is always easier to prepare for something and cancel or postpone it, than to do the preparations hurriedly in a short amount of time. We will keep updating everybody of the progress we are making with the preparations and the status of the event. We cannot promise anything, but we hope to see you in November at the book fair.

If you have any questions regarding the status of the events, our preparations or anything else, please don’t hestitate to mail us.