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Book-Café The Barricade

The Barricade is a volunteer-run public library with a focus on anarchism and leftist politics. In our permanent collection, we have a variety of materials (books, journals, zines) on feminism, marxism, decolonialism, environmentalism, veganism, squatting and DIY culture. This collection consists of both classic and contemporary texts in English and Dutch. Becoming a member and borrowing books is free. 

We believe that self-education is a crucial element in the struggle for social change and therefore we aim to provide a space for collective learning. We organize discussions, reading groups and workshops that are free and open to anyone who is interested. 

We are open every Sunday from 4pm to 11pm. At 7pm vegan food is offered for donation by the Barriccoons Kitchen, an Utrecht-based anti-food waste collective inspired by raccoons. 

opening times: 

Every Sunday from 16:00 to 23:00

Anarchist Group Amsterdam

The anarchist group Amsterdam is a working group of the international anarchist network and union the Vrije Bond.

We are a group of people that meet every two weeks to organize solidarity, actions, discussions, benefits and exchange ideas, information and gossip. We run a library, open every Saturday (for over 12 years now), where you can read and borrow books and where you meet us if there is something you would like to discuss. This is also where we host many of our discussions, film nights and events. We are a mixed group and many of the events we organize are in English. For an overview click on ‘English part of this site‘ under categories and all our postings (that are also) in English should come up.

Address for the Anarchist Library:
Every Saturday 14:00-18:00
Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam

If you’d like to be informed of some of our activities mail us at aga@agamsterdam.org to say you would like to be on our mailing list (We promise we won’t spam you. And not every mail will be in English.) You can also like us on facecrack. Anarchistische groep Amsterdam2

Paper Jam Print Collective

How did we start?

A group of friends and comrades came together out of various movements, dissatisfied with the lack of infrastructure in the revolutionary movement. We know from experience, nothing is as annoying as having ideas but no resources or networks of mutual aid to make things happen. For instance, sneakily printing flyers to overthrow your boss after work hours desperately trying to not get caught, getting yelled at by professors in the university because you’re using ‘their printer’ or paying extortionate amounts of money in a printshop while only getting paper jams.

We started out mainly catering to a close group of activists and friends, students etc. We’ve been slowly reaching out to more organizations and are very excited of what the future holds. We saw the need for a more infrastructurally oriented way of movement building, well, here we are. Help us out! We’re just comrades who want to help comrades. [vegan] Cheesy? It’s true though. Without your ideas we’re nothing, no mutual aid without the mutual. What we hope to do is connect different struggles. There are loads and loads of amazing people and organisations working on loads of different small projects, without much relation or communication between them. We want to be a nexus within the movement, connecting peoples, linking struggles and building the revolution. We all have different capabilities, different resources. We need to start working together, there’s a very clear enemy out there. Let’s break down their world and start building our own. We think that collectively we can make the world a beautiful place. Let’s start by postering everything, on everything. Non-commercially? No! We’re bloody anticapitalist! That’s why we are flexible with our asked donations, that’s why you can call us at six in the morning for your demonstration

Since the Paper Jam collective seeks to perform an infrastructural task and support revolutionary struggle, we are always looking for input from people. If there are services that you would like us to provide (that we currently are not), please let us know. We exist to support and strengthen struggle, so we also want to be guided by the needs of those in the struggle. We are for instance trying to look into printing stickers and are momentarily working on fixing an A0-printer. Yes, A0. We know. But anyways, if you have any ideas let us know!

How can you help?

By ordering all your propaganda and revolutionary paraphernalia with us, by inviting us to your event so we can distribute our collection of radical zines, stickers and buttons. We are also working on translating texts (mainly English to Dutch and Dutch to English) if you want to help out with that, please let us know, because that would be amazing. A final thing: If you are or know of someone who knows about mechanics (the more relevant to printers the better) we would love to hear from you, since we run into technical problems from time to time and can always use a helping hand/mind.

We are Paper jam.
Pleased to meet you.

Help us!

In preparing for November 10th and the next anarchist bookfair in Amsterdam, we are looking for people who are willing to spread the flyers and posters in their own neighbourhood.

If you want to help out with spreading the flyers and posters, let us know in an e-mail! We can digitally send you the posters and flyers, but we can also – if you pay for sendingcosts – send us a package with paper posters and flyers. Specify in your e-mail how you want us to send you the materials. If you want the flyers and posters on paper, please also specify how many you want of each.

We have an English flyer and poster, but also ofcourse a Dutch version of both.

Autonomen Brabant

Getting straight to the autonomous, anticapitalist and anti-authoritarian point: we want a different world, and we are fighting for it. We want a different world, because in this world profit, manipulation and force are in charge, with all the misery that implies. The search for profits destroys life, manipulation turns human beings into things, force keeps us under control, violence makes us obey and helps the rich keeping and even augmenting their riches – at our expense and at the expense of each other, through competition and war.

It is a cruel and disgusting way of running a society. It is also completely unnecessary to do it that way. It can be done very differently. Where state governance, capital and the search of profit keep us voiceless and subjected, we call for stateless self-rule, a communal life of free and equal people. Anticapitalist and anti-authoritarian aspirations go hand in hand.

Human beings would be better off if they could take their own lives in their own hands, if they do that together, and if, while doing this, they treat the planet and all that lives on it with respect. We need personal freedom and autonomy. We need cooperation and solidarity, on the basis of the recognition of each other’s equality. We need to value life around us – a life of which we are a part of and which we cannot live without. Individual and collective self-determination in a sustainable world in which other living beings have an equal right to exist as human beings. Let that be the starting point.


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Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam 2018

The Anarchist Bookfair continues for a second edition! After a great success last year at the anniversary of the Anarchist Library Bollox, we will continue spreading books, zines, clothes, buttons, publishers, distros, workshops, films, talks, vegan food and an evening program filled with live music.

We are doing this to build and anarchist movement that can resist the violence of capital and the state. In a time of growing right-wing sentiment it is important to focus on building anarchist infrastructures for an autonomous and militant movement. Anarchist book fairs are an important part of this. They are the perfect place to meet new people and discuss new ideas, to exchange new texts, action and propaganda materials.

This year the bookfair will take place at the Dokhuis, plantage doklaan 8, 1018CM Amsterdam. We will start at 10:00 and continue through dinner and into the evening. There will be a vegan dinner and evening program.