Stands 2019

Here you can find a list of confirmed stands for the bookfair

AFA Nederland

Anti-fascist action (AFA) is a Dutch network of local groups and contacts. AFA started in 1992, because of a growing extreme-right organisation. Ever since, AFA has had as its goal to fight racist and fascist parties, groups and tendencies, and to criticise racist and right-wing government policies.

Boekwinkel Opstand

The anarchist bookshop Opstand is a space in Den Haag where everyone can get their anarchist, anti-authoritarian and revolutionary literature. The anarchist bookshop Opstand is also a place to gather and have discussions. You can always drop in for the newest information about actions or to have a cup of coffee or tea. Besides books on many different political subjects, you can also get your magazines, stickers, posters and brochures at Opstand as to spread them around the city.

Amsterdam Abortion Network

We are a group of volunteers who came together to create a network of support for women and pregnant people who don’t have access to safe abortion.

Anarchist Comics

Mas Hab Comic Fartist

I started off drawing zines and flyers, but later on committed myself more to illustrating small and bigger publications, and by now my main form of income is commission work. I try to be conscious about the initiatives I support through my drawings.

B Carrot

B. Carrot makes comix (amongst other things). Born and raised in Jerusalem she moved to study visual art in Amsterdam where she still lives and works.

Personal stories, politics and more often the merge of the two makes for the inspiration and base for most of her work.

Jiro Ghianni

As a four-year old little girl I made my first comics and continued doing so on a very irregular basis with not much of a focus. Shifting from realistic drawing to weird abstract pretentious stuff (because I got poisoned by art school).
Now I am no longer a little girl, and less pretentious. As a genderqueer transman I make VERY ODD AND QUAINT comics about the body parts I lost when transitioning. It’s all quirky and a bit nuts, but I think my comix are relatively safe-for-work most of the time. Be warned though 😉

Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam

The Anarchist Group Amsterdam is a group of people working together to come up with solutions and alternatives to the problems they experience at work, school or anywhere in society. The starting point for this is anarchism. The AGA fights to govern ourselves and a world without exploitation or oppression in which we produce only for need and not for profit.

ASEED Europe

ASEED Europe (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment, and Diversity Europe) is an international campaigning organisation, giving importance to involving youth in direct democracy activities. ASEED Europe targets the structural causes of environmental destruction and social injustice.

Autonomen Brabant

To open the autonomous door in the house of capital and authority: we want another world, and we fight for it. We want another world, because in this world profit, manipulation and coercion reign supreme, and all the misery it brings with it. Striving for profit destroys life; manipulation turns people into things; coercion pushes us in line, violence makes us obey, and ensures the rich keep or accumulate their property – making us pay, through each other, competition and war.

Book Café the Barricade

The Barricade is a volunteer-run collective inspired by raccoons and anarchism. Every Sunday from 4pm to 11pm we do what we can to oppose this capitalist society we live in by being open as a social space with a public library and an anti-foodwaste kitchen.

Blitz Books

Blitz Books the zine dealer from Eindhoven! We sell the coolest zines, posters and totebags and we publish anarchist, political and feminist manifestoes as well as artists books.We sell stuff by amongst others Monorhetorik, Lilia Scheerder, Alice Schiavone, Koes Staassen, Jonathan Kok Wai Ho, Bas van den Hurk, Hocus Bogus Publishing, Wobby Club, We Make it Berlin, Paperjam, Humanimaal, Bebe Books, TD Papeles and publish texts by Susan Sontag, Roland Barthes, Georges Bataille, Bob Black, Bell Hooks, Carol Ehrlich, Sandra Jeppensen, Guy Debord and Gilles Deleuze.

Fort van Sjakoo

Bookshop “het Fort van Sjakoo” is since 1977 situated in the center of Amsterdam. At first in a squatted house on the site of a planned highway through the inner-city and since 1988 legalized.

Infotheek Gent

The Infotheek is an anarchist library where you can find critical information which you cannot find so much in other libraries – for different reasons. We have books and information about anarchism, squatting, anti-militarism, feminism, animal rights, ecologicism, economics, law and repression, globalisation, anti-globalisation, direct action and a lot more. At this time we have over 3000 books can people can borrow and a collection of national and international magazines and brochures that people can look through in the library with a cup of coffee. 


La Page Noire

Leuvense Anarchistische Groep

For the liberation of humans

For equality and solidarity

Against capitalism, nationalism, discrimination, and oppression.

For Freedom!Leuven Anarchist Group, LAG, is an anarchist organisation that strives for a better society. We organise, amongst others, info evenings, film nights, demonstrations and other actions. We also have a distro with a big collection of stickers, books in Dutch and English, T-shirts, flags, buttons and more.

‘n Korrel Zout

Mad Pride

A big group of people is declared “crazy” in our society. This qualification usually has a negative connotation. Mad Pride is an international movement of “crazy people” and their allies, who oppose this negative attitude towards people who are “different”. We are proud to be as we are, and claim the right to be different without immediately being seen as second-rank citizens.

Out Loud queer punks

There’s no place for homophobia in punk, on stages or in front of them. The battle started by the queercore movement in the eighties is not over until we all have the liberty to live free and proud. OUT LOUD is a collective for queers who don’t fit in to the mainstream world, for the freaks and outcasts, for the glitterpunks and rainbowrockers. We like it rough, dirty and loud.

Paper Jam printing collective

Paper Jam collective prints for activists who try to change the world and make it a better place. This means that we fight against global capitalism, sexism, racism, white superiority, cis-hetero-patriachal oppression, ableism and ecocide.


In the Poortgebouw resides a community association, where people live together and work together. This is a key element of the group. This group consists of people of various ages, from different fields of expertise, studies and nationalities. What connects them is the will to live together as a collective within a society where individualism seems to increase. The monumental building on the Kop van Zuid gives a residence and freedom to have a personal working and living space as well as sharing communal spaces and commodities. For over 35 years the association (vereniging) Poortgebouw has been able to provide a platform to non-commercial art, music, and debates.

Boekhandel Rosa

A left political bookshop, specialised in anarchism, feminism, socialism, and different kinds of activism.

The Furies

Vrije Bond

The anarchist federation is a collection of people who strive for another society. A society without hierarchies, without oppression and exploitation of people and animals, and without destruction of the enviornment. An anarchist society, which is based on equality.

Vrije Bond Amsterdam

We are a local branch of the anarchist federation for Amsterdam and surrounding areas. It is a group to connect anarchists and their projects in Amsterdam and surrounding areas, to support them and to create a basis for new projects.

Vrije Markt

People in the workplace have little or nothing to say about their work. While we are still the ones who keep everything going. Too often we were also treated disrespectfully. And almost always there was exploitation: your job is (much) more valuable than you get paid for it. The smaller the company, the more human it often. There you can also see regularly good entrepreneurs, and the people who work there to care about the business. Yet you see then that there is no democracy, our economy consists of competitive dictatorships.

No, give me real economic freedom: businesses where employees are free to decide together what and how (much) they produce services or goods. And what they do with (the yield) which indeed they have produced themselves. It would not surprise me if there more often chosen for social and sustainable solutions. This is evident from the examples I’ve come across in any case. So do me a real free market, a market free holdings. Hence, “The Free Market”!


Zwart en Rood

Mailorder sales in Belgium of anarchist and similar literature.