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Bookfair 2018 coming up!

The Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam 2018 is coming up soon! In the last weeks we have posted the stands that have confirmed in our blog, but a few of those slipped through the cracks (or didn’t have a description to add..). We also have quite a full program of workshops and talks going on and even dinner and music afterwards!

Check out all the stands that will be there! 

And check the program to see if you want to join a workshop or talk!

Hope to see you there!

P.S. could you be considerate of our neighbours and put your bikes in the bikeracks?

P.P.S. We would like to ask you to refrain from bringing your dogs to the Anarchist Book Fair. There will be lots of fragile table setups, there will be children present and we expect there to be very little space left with all the people coming and the almost 50 metres worth of books and pamphlets. A very busy environment that might not be ideal for a dog.

Infotheek Gent

The Infotheek is an anarchist library where you can find critical information that are not available by the score in regular libraries for several reasons. We keep information and books about anarchism, squatting, anti-military struggles, feminism, animal rights, ecological struggle, economics, law and repression, globalization, anti-globalisation, direct action and much more. We have over about 3000 books at the moment that we loan, and we have a large sample of national and international magazines and zines that can be looked through in the Infotheek with a cup of coffee. Continue reading Infotheek Gent

AK Press

AK Press is a worker-run collective that publishes and distributes radical books, visual and audio media, and other mind-altering material. We’re small: seven people who work long hours for short money, because we believe in what we do. We’re anarchists, which is reflected both in the books we provide and in the way we organize our business. Decisions at AK Press are made collectively, from what we publish, to what we distribute and how we structure our labor. All the work, from sweeping floors to answering phones, is shared. When the telemarketers call and ask, “who’s in charge?” the answer is: everyone. Our goal isn’t profit (although we do have to pay the rent). Our goal is supplying radical words and images to as many people as possible. The books and other media we distribute are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants. We make them widely available to help you make positive (or, hell, revolutionary) changes in the world. As you probably know, the stuff we carry is less and less available from the corporate publishers and their chain stores.

Continue reading AK Press


“The freedom of the printing press is only garuanteed for those who own one themselves.”

This adage it not relevant anymore today, because the possession of a computer and printer is enough to publish texts yourselves. These developments in ‘printing on demand’ is what has led to the start of Kelderuitgeverij.

We dig out non-available texts from the archives of history. Texts that should not be forgotten, memories of and monuments for people who devoted their lives to create a more just society.

Kelderuitgeverij re-designs these texts, puts a new cover on them and makes them available again. Everytime there is only a limited edition that is prepared with the utmost care for the quality of content and form.

More information on

Geen Kind aan de Kant!

The debate about refugees makes emotions rise high. Most of the attention is the debate goes to the refugees who have newly arrived in The Netherlands. But refugeechildren who have been here for a longer period of time suffer in silence. Geen Kind aan de Kant! focusses on these children. 

GEEN KIND AAN DE KANT works with refugee children, their parents and multiple other organisations to:

  • achieve an unconditional Children’s Pardon for children who have settled here. 
  • stop police raids at the family locations and the following lock-up and deportation.

On our website you can find more information about the problems we fight against and how we do that:

Fort van Sjakoo

Bookshop “het Fort van Sjakoo” is since 1977 situated in the center of Amsterdam. At first in a squatted house on the site of a planned highway through the inner-city and since 1988 legalized.

The bookshop is run by a collective of 10 volunteers. We are there to provide you with information ranging from the latest news, background info and history. We have a special focus for foreign publications, music and magazines. Come and visit us. If you’re looking for something special we can try to get it for you.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday 11:00 to 18:00
and Saturday from 11 to 17
Jodenbreestraat 24
1011 NK Amsterdam
The Netherlands


ASEED Europe (Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment, and Diversity Europe) is an international campaigning organisation, giving importance to involving youth in direct democracy activities. ASEED Europe targets the structural causes of environmental destruction and social injustice.

We do this by campaigning on multinational corporations and their national and international influence spheres and control tools. At the same time we promote sustainable alternatives. Currently ASEED Europe focuses on issues related to the global food chain: the decline of biodiversity in agriculture and the availability of seeds, genetic engineering and power concentration by global agro/biotech giants. Our general agriculture campaign goal is to promote food sovereignty. In the recent past we have been campaining on the massive production and imports of soy, climate change and international financial and trade institutions.

ASEED was established by young engaged people in 1991 in response to the UNCED Earth Summit proceedings in Rio de Janeiro and aimed to forge alliances among young people committed to social and environmental justice. Since 1992, the ASEED decentralised network grew and regional “hubs” were created in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, Latin America and Japan. Each hub had its own level of activity, linking youth groups and individuals in their region. By now each hub has developed in its own way, working independently from eachother.

ASEED Europe works with about 6 people in the interactive office in Amsterdam, and together with many contacts in the rest of Europe and abroad on the following objectives:

  • Initiating and coordinating actions and campaigns on environmental, development and social justice issues;
  • Promoting discussion and disseminating information about critical emerging issues;
  • Empowering local youth groups and grassroots organisations via trainings, joint projects, and knowledge sharing;
  • Establishing partnerships between various organisations and groups worldwide and facilitating international cooperation and networking;
  • Preparing projects from the ASEED Europe office and working with local grassroots organisations.

More about ASEEDs goals you can read in our Mission Statement. There is as well a page with official information about the organisation.