Bookfair 2018 coming up!

The Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam 2018 is coming up soon! In the last weeks we have posted the stands that have confirmed in our blog, but a few of those slipped through the cracks (or didn’t have a description to add..). We also have quite a full program of workshops and talks going on and even dinner and music afterwards!

Check out all the stands that will be there! 

And check the program to see if you want to join a workshop or talk!

Hope to see you there!

P.S. could you be considerate of our neighbours and put your bikes in the bikeracks?

P.P.S. We would like to ask you to refrain from bringing your dogs to the Anarchist Book Fair. There will be lots of fragile table setups, there will be children present and we expect there to be very little space left with all the people coming and the almost 50 metres worth of books and pamphlets. A very busy environment that might not be ideal for a dog.