Infotheek Gent

The Infotheek is an anarchist library where you can find critical information that are not available by the score in regular libraries for several reasons. We keep information and books about anarchism, squatting, anti-military struggles, feminism, animal rights, ecological struggle, economics, law and repression, globalization, anti-globalisation, direct action and much more. We have over about 3000 books at the moment that we loan, and we have a large sample of national and international magazines and zines that can be looked through in the Infotheek with a cup of coffee.

The Lending is for free. We do ask a deposit of 3 euros per book. The loan-term is 3 weeks (which can be extended). Are you looking for information for a paper or thesis, we like helping you. Magazines, zines and files can be examined on the spot and we can if necessary copy them. Some magazines and recent publications can be bought in the small sales corner.

Opening hours

  • wednesday 18u-21u
  • Friday19u-21u
  • Saturday14u-17u